Retirees learn conversational Spanish before moving to a Spanish-speaking country

Every year many American retirees decide to move to a Spanish speaking country in Central America or Mexico mainly because they want to enjoy their retirement years in an all-year-round excellent weather location, with a much more relaxed and affordable lifestyle than in crowded cities of the U.S.  These countries usually offer a low cost of living and healthcare, beautiful scenery, world-class food as well as a more tropical life, with lots of days under the sun.

If you’re considering retirement abroad in a Spanish Speaking country and making this country your new home, you should consider learning at least some basic Spanish before moving.  You can “get by” without speaking a word in Spanish, but I’d highly encourage you to get serious about learning the fundamentals of the language so you can have a more rewarding experience.

Learning at least some of basic of Spanish will make your life much easier and more fulfilling – both during your move and after you’ve settled in. When you live in a Spanish speaking country, the language will inevitably be part of your life. So, I’d like to encourage you to start building a foudation and:

Learning Conversational Spanish For Your Life Abroad

Some of the benefits are:

  • You’ll have a richer experience- When you’re living there, you really don’t want to feel like a tourist all the time.
  • You’ll be independent. You won’t have to call a bilingual friend every time you have to deal with something important.
  • Your potential friendships won’t be limited to English speakers. You will be able to meet so many new people and form bonds you would otherwise be unable to. You won’t just be a spectator but someone involved.
  • Being able to communicate in Spanish will deepen your understanding of the culture, politics, and humor on a different level. And, probably most importantly, you’ll feel like an insider who has a home in the new country! Not an outsider who’s just visiting.

While living in a Spanish speaking country, you’ll still need to call the plumber, go to the supermarket, and see the doctor.  You’ll need to make dinner reservations, visit the mechanic, buy furniture, and open a bank account. If you build a foundation in Spanish now, with time you will be able to do those things without the help of a Spanish speaker.

Also, as a retiree you will probably be doing a lot travelling throughout your new adopted country.  Speaking Spanish makes travelling a whole lot easier. Wherever you go, there will surely be someone speaking Spanish! Spanish will enhance the experiences you will have during your journey.

A Private Spanish Tutor Offers Completely Personalized Attention

Keep your brain sharp in retirement!  No matter how old you are, you’ll be able to meaningfully connect with the Spanish and Latin American cultures.  Native Spanish speakers love when people learn to speak Spanish, it shows respect to their country.

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