This summer we hired Monica as a private Spanish tutor to help introduce Spanish as a second language to our children Lily (10) and Eve (8). We have been quite impressed by Monica, as she is both organized and professional. Additionally, she has managed to make learning this new language a bunch of fun for both of our daughters, which has made the entire learning process something that both of our girls look forward to each week. The progress they have shown has been remarkable. She has done a wonderful job with our children. Simply said, I could not give her a higher recommendation. If you have an interest in introducing your children (or yourself) to a second language, this is your opportunity.
Joe Worden – Phoenix, AZ

Monica has started to tutor our kids, Diya (8) and Anika (5) in Spanish a couple of months back. I have been impressed by Monica’s sincerity and focus. The kids have had Spanish at school but I did not see much progress with the language. However, since interacting with Monica, they have made remarkable progress and more importantly, they have developed a liking for the language. Monica makes it a point to speak to the kids in Spanish, which not only improves their vocabulary but also their pronunciation. The classes are full of activities and interactive learning. I would highly recommend Monica as a very sincere and effective tutor.
Divya Singh

I had the pleasure of meeting Monica three years ago. I had always wanted to learn to speak Spanish but was reticent to begin as an adult with no language experience. I was immediately put at ease. Monica comes with extensive understanding of the use of language. As a result, her ability to teach and adjust the lessons to my specific needs has allowed me to continue and enjoy the process. I have studied in group as well as private settings. From the very beginning I was given the opportunity to use the Spanish I had learned, enjoying the language and the new people I have been able to communicate with as a result. I would recommend Monica to all levels of students wanting to learn or improve their language skills.
Kimberly Meredith – Scottsdale, AZ

Super teacher. I’ve been taking lessons from Monica for 4 years and have learned so much. She is thorough with grammar and makes it easy to learn. Our Spanish conversations are great fun.
Nina Child – Phoenix, AZ

I am a nursing student at ASU. Being able to speak Spanish to better serve the Hispanic community is required on a daily basis. I took Spanish for 3.5 years in High School and College. That was good, but it can only take you so far. It was only after I came across and started working with Monica that I finally felt I was able to improve my speaking skills and engage in real conversations in Spanish; she pushes me to speak Spanish all the time. She also helped me prepare for my internship in Public Health over the summer of 2019 in Argentina by individualizing my sessions and teaching me Argentinian dialects and pronunciation. I get a great deal of individual attention. Monica skillfully balances grammar instruction with conversational practice in a stress-free environment that is nurturing and supportive. In short, Monica is a talented and experienced teacher. I am so happy that I found her and recommend her to anyone looking to expand their life experiences through the learning of a new language.
Nichole Mertens – Phoenix, AZ

I’ve been taking private lessons from Monica for about 4 years. I wanted to learn Spanish as an adult and had no prior Spanish from when I was in school. Monica is a gifted teacher. She is very thorough with teaching all aspects of the use and grammar of the language. I enjoy each lesson with Monica and I also think that she is a wonderful person.
I would recommend Monica to anyone who is wanting to learn or improve their Spanish skills – at any level.
Darren Dixon – Tempe, AZ

Monica is an intelligent and professional teacher with an excellent command of the Spanish language. Her teaching style covers everything from basic Spanish to more advanced Spanish grammar and conversation. She is punctual and works with students to create a reliable weekly schedule. She also keeps the classes light and fun so they are never boring. I’d recommend her for anyone who wants to study Spanish regardless of skill level.
Dennis Ragsdale II

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