What is the goal of a Spanish Tutor and how much does it cost?

The goal of a Spanish tutor is to help students improve their overall Spanish reading, writing, comprehension, pronunciation, and conversation skills. The tutor’s teaching style and approach may differ, depending on whether the instruction is individual or a group class, or whether it is for adults or kids. Many Spanish tutors practice total immersion — meaning they will speak only Spanish with their students. For students with little to no Spanish background and exposure, the Spanish tutor may use a mix of Spanish and English to familiarize their students to speaking the language.

A Spanish tutor can offer a broad range of services to their students. For kids– If a Spanish course is not offered at the child’s age in their school or and the parents would like them to get a head start on learning Spanish, a private tutor is a perfect solution, especially during the summer when kids are out of school, and they can enjoy a fun and engaging activity such as learning a new language. It has been my experience that tutors need to make the learning experience fun for kids. Hence, I believe tutors should teach Spanish “through playing”, which means kids are engaged in different interactive, hands-on and conversational games with the tutor (e.g., hangman, bingo) and many other learning resources, such as songs and worksheets, that are relevant to the learning lesson.

For students currently registered in a Spanish class through their middle school or high school, a Spanish tutor can help them with homework, language practice and boost their confidence in their Spanish-speaking abilities, as well as expanding their understanding of their current school curriculum.

For adults, Spanish tutors will have different approaches based on that student’s needs and goals. Many adults learning Spanish want customized lessons focusing on their particular needs, goals or motivation: retirees, attorneys, doctors, nurses, medical students, business owners (i.e., construction, landscaping, pharmaceutical, etc.), bankers, social workers, housewives. For those who wish to learn conversational Spanish for fun or anyone planning to travel to a Spanish-speaking country either for leisure or business, lessons may revolve around learning commonly used phrases and practicing speaking in relaxed settings.

The average cost for a Spanish tutor ranges from $45.00 to $70.00 per hour, especially if they are native speakers. The cost for a Spanish tutor can vary depending on whether you choose private instruction or group lessons. Geographic location can affect cost; tutors in expensive cities and pricier regions command higher rates than in rural areas and small towns.

The experience and education of the Spanish tutor will also affect their rates. For adult students, many of them learning Spanish choose tutors who offer private tutoring with personalized classes. They tend to prefer tutors who can offer flexible schedules and can work around the students’ busy work schedules. Some adult learners would appreciate it if the tutor can offer weekend classes.

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